About Us

Golden Shuttle Inc is a family business born out of the need to create a one-stop solution for people that love modern and uniquely styled accessories to get the look and feel they are after.

Good things happen when we connect with our families, friends, and communities while sharing experiences together.

At Golden Shuttle Inc, we stay committed to help you create unforgettable memories and inspire fun creative ways through our décor and accessories to make every moment even more joyful.

Having a party without all the décor and accessories is definitely incomplete. We offer you a plethora of options covering multiple themes and occasions to surprise you with the joy of happiness and excitement, on every order. Our passion has always been to innovate and utilize our creative artistry to serve you with new ideas and fresh looks.

Life is worth celebrating and we are here to help make it a little easier through a wide range of décor, accessories, and masks. We design everything to reflect life’s celebrations as we look for new and creative ways to develop exclusive products that take your moments and interiors to the next level.

Being a factory-owned business with no middle-person involvement, we make sure our products are priced within an affordable range to fit your budget so there is no need for you to browse through multiple stores braving the hassle.

What we love the most about our business is bringing your vision to life and knowing that Golden Shuttle Inc was part of helping you make memories and breathe life into your interiors through our unique décor.

Through these years, our creative space has widened as we embrace modern trends, yet the vibrant objective will and has forever been preserved as having every last one of YOU at the focus of all that we sell.

So here is to more celebrations and more exquisite décor, because life is short, and it surely is much better when we are together!